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Just How Offensive Is Your Facebook Profile? 

Feb 21,2011

Socioclean crawls through your Facebook profile photos, groups and wall posts, and alerts you to anything inappropriate.... MORE

Socioclean program to keep digital reputations clean 

Feb 21,2011

A company has created a program that social networking users can use to scan their profiles for content considered inappropriate or unprofessional.... MORE

Socioclean grades your Facebook profile for offensive content and profanity! 

Feb 21,2011

Oscar App, iPad Directed Movie, Clean Up Your Facebook | Moxie Mo Show... MORE

Job Hunters, Beware! 

Feb 02,2011

Many job hunters are also continuing to overlook the dangers of posting provocative photos and other dubious content on social-media sites.... MORE

Facebook blamed for growing number of marriage break-ups as cheats are caught  

Jan 23,2011

Married couples meet other users online and send 'flirty messages' or have 'inappropriate suggestive chats' which spouses can use in divorce cases. ... MORE

Socioclean Reviewed 

Jan 06,2011

Thanks JD Rucker for a really positive review. ... MORE

Socioclean featured on Rankmystartup.com 

Jan 06,2011

9.9 out of 10... This could be the highest rating ever on Rate My Startup ... - Congrats @Socioclean... MORE

"Private" Posts To Social Media Discoverable in Lawsuits? 

Jan 04,2011

They only share information and pictures with their friends and family, that those who are not meant to see this information won't. But this thinking may be flawed.... MORE

Is Online Reputation the next Credit Score? 

Dec 17,2010

You want to build it (since zero credit history is not good either) but you want to make sure that it is a good score since lot of things will be dependent upon it.... MORE

Don't let facebook get you fired 

Nov 11,2010

Watch what you are posting on Facebook, someone might be watching... MORE

Facebook Posts can get you FIred! 

Nov 10,2010

Do you remember what you posted 6 months back, if not, it can hurt you.... MORE

Cheerleader suspended over facebook photo 

Oct 22,2010

An Ohio teen says a photo of her with alcohol is misleading and the school was wrong to suspend her for two games... MORE

Is Your Facebook Profile Holding Back Your Career? 

Oct 07,2010

You have spent four years in college, worked minimum wage to support your studies, spent $400 dollars on a new suit and sent your resume out to a hundred organisations and have finally landed your dream job int... MORE

Young Job-Seekers hiding their Facebook pages 

Oct 07,2010

A recent survey commissioned by Microsoft found that 70 percent of recruiters and hiring managers in the United States have rejected an applicant based on information they found online... MORE