There are a lot of people who wish to quit smoking but can’t because of a number of reasons. The habit can be so ingrained that changing things is anything but simple. The power of nicotine may still hold sway, making it difficult to go without for an extended period. Some have gotten used to the sensation or use the habit as a way of socializing. Whatever the case may be, the known detrimental health effects make it important to look for ways to break free. A number of solutions exist with varying levels of effectiveness. Many have turned to e-cigarettes for relief.

What They Are

Electronic cigarettes are small devices that turn liquids into vapors. These liquids contain flavorings, nicotine, and other substances. Batteries provide power to heat things up inside the tube. Instead of inhaling the smoke from a burning cigar, users inhale the flavored vapors with a more pleasant odor. These can resemble the smell of fruits, coffee, and so on. The presence of nicotine means those with a craving can have their fix without the detrimental effects of smoking tobacco. They are available in various forms, shapes, and lengths. Some look like traditional cigars while others are distinctively modern.

How They Came About 


While these devices have only recently penetrated mainstream consciousness, they have actually existed in one form or another for decades. The early 1960s saw a patent being filed in the US for a device that works much like current models. Alas, it was an idea that was ahead of its time and the prototypes never made it to mass market production. It was an era wherein smoking tobacco was still all the rage, unlike today when there is a bit of a social stigma and general knowledge about its ill effects. It wasn’t until the new millennium that a revival would be set in motion. The unlikely prime mover was a Chinese pharmacist who popularized vaping in China until it spread around the world.

Where to Find E-Cigarettes

In the past, these products all had to be imported from China through small firms. Anybody who was interested in them had to know some insider to get a hold of one. Things have changed drastically in the past few years thanks to their surging popularity. They are now a common sight in Europe, the US, and elsewhere in Asia. Lots of companies get the devices in bulk from the manufacturers with some local outfits dabbling in the creation of the liquids. Controversies have also hit the burgeoning industry regarding the safety and health effects of these devices. For those who would like to try them out, here are a few of the most common carriers:

1. Mall Kiosks

They are in virtually every mall in the country. Go to your local mall or downtown area and check the stores. There should be a number of kiosks dedicated to these products. You can compare different brands and test the e-cigarettes. If you are not familiar with them, the staff should be able to provide details about their operation, as well as their pros and cons.

2. Online Stores

Those who live far away from the cities or simply have no time to shop around for them can just go online and check out the merchandise. Lots of online stores offer countrywide and even international delivery. Read reviews of these stores and the brands they carry before taking the plunge to be sure that you are getting quality products and fast shipment. Among the advantages of online shopping are endless options, incredible convenience, and reasonable prices.

3. Pharmacies 

In some places such as England, some electronic cigarettes are considered as medicines and are regulated as such. People will only be able to get these in pharmacies and may require a prescription. These include e-cigs that are meant to help people quit smoking. Other brands that don’t claim to do so are not covered by the regulation.

4. Retail Stores

In the USA, vapor retail stores have sprung up like wildfire. There are e-cig stores on every corner in major cities, and at least one in every suburban area. These stores carry a wide variety of brands, types of e-cigs, flavors of e-juice, and some even offer custom e-juice blends. These stores can be particularly helpful because most staff members can explain how to use these devices, and even give you a quick class.

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