Are you struggling to find a gift for someone who has everything? Maybe this is the year to give him or her the joy of donating to a charity; maybe to an e cig or e liquid organization that contributes to research and vaping advocacy in government? Maybe there is nothing practical this friend does not have, so give the gift of fun this Christmas.

Fun Gifts for Vapers in 2016 

What level is your vaping friend at? Is this person an experienced vaper or a newbie? Tons of items have come out almost since ecigs first hit shelves, so you have lots of choices. Provide a stylish present or even something he or she might consider a bit of a joke.

Joke Accessories for Electronic Cigarettes

For instance, e cig wraps cover batteries in new colors and patterns. Since the typical battery gets boring, even though it’s blue or bright green, having a removable option adds some enjoyment to the daily vape. What if that battery wrap was ridiculously gaudy? There are equally gaudy charms and drip tips out there sold in assorted shades of green, pink, yellow, and purple. We aren’t talking about classy hues; anyone for neon?

Classic Shades and Shapes

The same gifts can also be thoughtful and classy when colors are right for the person and his or her personality. Numerous wraps boast attractive patterns representing flowers, leaves, stars, and vapor. Wraps go on and come off without adhesive, so they will not ruin a battery.

Choose drip tips made from blown glass or anodized aluminum. The glass tips and some acrylic drip tips could feature marble patterns. There are numerous shaped items such as animals and skeletons; vases and symmetrical metal tubes.

Give the Gift of a Starter Kit 

For new vapers who puff on regular cigarettes, offer a disposable e-cig or cigar, a mini cig or eGo starter set by V2, Vapor4Life, Vaporfi, or Halo, or even an e-Pipe by the likes of Smoktech. You could go for a Chinese eGo instead, like the Kanger EVOD or Joyetech eGo-T.

These systems are easy to use. Mini cigs can be operated with refilled cartomizers so there is no mess involved, or they can be accompanied by blank cartomizers and e juice. Check out best electronic cigarette brands for 2018 – expert reviews, for more on brands. When you wrap these gifts, keep them in a cool dry place. Offer a complete set with enough e juice or replacement cartomizers to last at least a few weeks if not a few months. Choose assorted flavors so your friend has some choice.

Thrill an Experienced Vaper

E-cigs make wonderful presents for smokers, but vapers with some experience could be waiting for their chance to try something bigger and better. Christmas is a great time to surprise them. Mods like the Rebel III by Vaporfi, the Tracer or Reactor by Halo, or a Volcano LavaTube supply more power, more vapor, and longer-lasting batteries. Clearomizers and tanks for these systems create cleaner flavor and provide lower-resistance options.

Box mods by Innokin, Joyetech, Kanger, and others supply styles and power levels of all kinds. Start with a 0W to 15W mod and move your way through the possibilities: up to 30W, 60W, 100W, 200W, and more. Their colors and designs demonstrate the confidence of manufacturers: safety and features have reached a high point and most of them are standard, like short-circuit and overheating protection. This enables R&D to focus a little more on ergonomic shapes, sporty colors, elegant brushed metal finishes, or whatever style elements they wish.

Consider the Atomizer

This is also a great opportunity to introduce vapers to better atomizer tanks if they have not already sampled the flavor and vapor production of a sub ohm system. If a vape mod is up to the task, these atomizer tanks can handle as little as 0.1 ohms at 600F or 200W as long as you are in the TC mode with a coil that is built for such things. While you are at it, buy some Nickel 200, Titanium, or stainless steel coils or possibly a rebuild set with wire and tools for the Uwell Crown or Taste Fury by SMOK. Maybe purchase a suitable mod too like the VOX TC by Vaporfi or a Kanger KBox 200W.

Choose Chargers

New vapers should already have a USB charger and probably an AC adapter to be safe since they often get stuck without USB power on the go. Add more options like a portable charging case. This enables the vaper of mini cigs like the V2 Classic and Halo G6 to charge batteries wirelessly while they travel. At least one battery fits inside and there is typically space for cartomizers too. If this person uses blanks, he or she can pre-fill them before leaving the house, but pre-filled, sealed ones are less likely to leak.

A car charging adapter allows one to use power from the battery while driving. Most starter packs don’t come with one of these regardless of the make or model. Make sure all chargers are compatible with e cig threading on the set a person is already using. They are not universal. USB e cigs come with a cable permanently attached. They plug into a computer so the vaper can puff while drawing power directly from this source. A number of e-cigs, especially eGos, are built to do this when a special cable is connected but can also be charged the usual way.

Assorted Extras

Stocking stuffers include cases, syringes for filling tanks with e juice, and spare parts for tanks. Get creative and show you care this Christmas.

Buy Now to Save Disappointment

Today is a good time to shop. Any very new items will be available for pre-order after January 1st, so there is little or no danger of doubling up on what a friend would have bought for his or herself. Maybe just drop the idea around: don’t search for or purchase anything vaping-related except necessities; not until after Christmas. At least no one will know exactly what you bought; not with all of the choices out there.

The only thing that might give you trouble is vendors’ 30-day money-back guarantees. These might expire before Christmas. Find out if longer-lasting gift receipts are available. Also, when you shop for vape equipment for friends, take advantage of these opportunities to earn loyalty points. In 2017, you can use these to give yourself a post-Christmas gift of more e juice or a new tank for your sub ohm vape system.

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