The Benefits Of Investing In A Gold IRA

Through investing in Gold IRA, you can potentially avoid the penalties that come with withdrawing funds before retirement and enjoy the stability of an investment backed by government-insured gold. If you dream of retiring someday, it’s worth investing in a Gold IRA. With Gold IRA, you won’t be penalized for withdrawing funds before retirement and will experience financial stability until your golden years. So here are some of the benefits of investing in a Gold IRA. Also note that companies like Oxford Gold Group and Orion Metal Exchange can be a huge help in the buying process.

1. Tax Benefits

Gold is IRA-approved, and no tax is due on investments made. A Gold IRA offers many investment options to build your portfolio to fit your retirement needs. You have total control over the choice of bullion type and dealer, allowing you to pick an ideal piece for an immediate rise in value. The government allows individuals to include gold bullion in the list of IRA investments so that gold can be added as part of their retirement plan. This is an important benefit of a Gold IRA. See the review of Oxford Gold Group for more information about them.

2. Liquidity

Gold is not just an IRA-approved investment; it’s also easily liquidated whenever you need to access your money. With a Gold IRA, you can choose from different gold bullion types, such as coins and bars of gold. The IRS allows for easy withdrawal or liquidation through physical possession, so you can be sure that the money will always be available when you need it.

3. Low-risk

A Gold IRA is considered a low-risk investment because, unlike other types of investments, you have the option to include gold as part of your investment portfolio. This means you can choose whether to keep it as an IRA or sell it at any time. Many people are looking for low-risk investments, so when you invest in a Gold IRA, there’s minimal risk involved. Gold is a fairly stable investment since its supply and demand constantly fluctuate. This means that your funds are less likely to experience a significant dip in value compared to other investments like stocks and bonds, which can cause huge losses in short periods.

4. Gain in Value

Gold has increased in value over time. Investing in a Gold IRA means that you can benefit from this. Gold is a secure investment, which means that it has strong demand and worth at the same time. The government allows easy access to gold if you want to liquidate your investment. You can also decide whether to include gold in a Gold IRA or not as part of your portfolio. When you invest in a Gold IRA, you enjoy the benefits of gold ownership and decide how you want to handle the investment. Look into the review of Orion Metal Exchange to get more info about them.

5. Asset Diversification

Gold comes with a high degree of diversification. Investing in a Gold IRA is ideal for you to invest in gold as part of your retirement plan. Gold has a high degree of liquidity, so when you invest in a Gold IRA, you are sure that the money will always be available when you need it. The government guarantees the safety of the gold so that your investment is secured and guaranteed.

6. Provides a Hedge Against Inflation and Deflation

Inflation is the rising of the general level of prices for goods, services and commodities in an economy over time. On the other hand, deflation is the decrease in prices for goods, services and commodities over a certain period. Inflation and deflation can significantly impact the value of your money. Therefore, investing in a Gold IRA is wise as it provides a hedge against these two phenomena. You can opt for investment in bullion or gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and benefit from their steady growth over time.

7. Financial Security

Gold is one of the safest ways to invest your money. Investing in gold is an ideal way to ensure that your money will always be available when you need it. The government guarantees the security of the gold so that your investment is secured and insured. When you invest in a Gold IRA, you control which bullion you want to include in the investment portfolio. You also determine the dealer to procure and sell the bullion for you. Investing in a Gold IRA is one of the best ways to ensure a secure financial future.


Investing in a Gold IRA, you enjoy many benefits, including the ability to withdraw your funds. With a Gold IRA, you protect your money from inflation and deflation and also have tax benefits. Gold IRA is one of the best ways to invest money in your retirement plan. It has proven over time to be a secure investment option, and that’s why investing in a Gold IRA is an ideal way to ensure a secure future of your money.

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There are reasons e-cigs are so popular nowadays. When you learn about e-cigarettes, you will want to try these products.

You Can Have Variety With Electronic Cigarettes

When e-cigs were first created, they were rather plain. Although they provided benefits not found in regular cigarettes, there were not many options. A customer could choose between menthol and non-menthol, and they even resembled regular cigarettes.

While the old-fashioned e-cigs were useful, the e-cigarettes you can buy today are much better. There are so many options to choose from that there is something for everybody.

If you like the taste of regular cigarettes, you can still have it, but you can have variety, too. The flavors available for vaping are almost limitless. From candy flavors to fruit flavors, there is at least one you will love.

Modern e-cigs look better, too. There are so many different colors and patterns to choose from that your electronic cigarettes can be a fashion accessory. From subtle to sophisticated to bold, you have many choices in e-cig designs.

A Clean Vaping Experience 

One reason non-smokers dislike cigarette smoking is that cigarette smoking is unpleasant. Whether you smoke at home, at work, or in public, it is impossible to keep the habit to yourself. Everyone around you is affected by your habit.

In contrast, vaping is clean. As e-cigarettes do not produce smoke, there is no odor to fill the air or cling to your clothing. Non-smokers cannot complain about your vaping because the water vapor does not contain unpleasant odors or smoke.

E-cigarettes keep your home and office clean, too. Your family members and coworkers never need to see another dirty ashtray, cigarette butts, or holes in fabrics from cigarette burns. A neat, clean e-cig is all anyone will see.

Electronic Cigarettes Eliminate Health Risks

In recent decades, people have become informed of the many health risks associated with smoking cigarettes. If you are concerned about the risks of smoking, vaping is an excellent alternative.

E-cigarettes do not contain the chemicals found in regular cigarettes. You will not be inhaling those poisonous chemicals when you vape. After you have used e-cigs for a period of time, you will notice improvements in your health. Your heart and lungs will be healthier, and your risk of cancer from toxic chemicals will be greatly reduced.

Vaping Can Be Fun

Between health risks and non-smokers’ rights, the places where you can legally smoke a cigarette are becoming fewer and fewer. This can be quite a problem if you do not want to give up smoking. Vaping is the ideal alternative.

There are very few places that restrict the use of e-cigs. As sensible people know vaping does not harm the environment or affect non-smokers, you can vape almost anywhere. The smoking you enjoyed freely in the past can continue when you choose e-cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes Provide Choices

One benefit of old-fashioned e-cigs was the opportunity to control the intake of nicotine. You can have modern e-cigs today that offer the same choices. If you want to reduce the amount you smoke or want to quit smoking, you will find this option very useful.

You can choose the amount of nicotine when you use e-cigarettes. You can move from nicotine addiction to eliminating your dependency on nicotine. Vaping will be enjoyable, and only when you want to do it.

Vaping Instead Of Smoking

If you want to give up smoking altogether, e-cigarettes can help you do it. However, if you truly enjoy smoking, there is no reason to quit. You can have all the benefits of smoking without any of the disadvantages when you exchange your cigarette habit for e-cigs.

Anytime, anywhere, you can fit e-cigarettes into your life. Check out the e cigs homepage, for more information. You can avoid health risks and annoying non-smokers by vaping instead of smoking.


We all know that smoking is injurious to health. However, there are many out there who can’t live a day without smoking. You can call it an addiction, but some of them call it their lifestyle. It is true that smoking gives a temporary kick, but the fact remains that it leads to extreme ‘side-effects.’ It is too costly in terms of the damage it does to your body. Whatever your justification for smoking, it is not healthy by any standard, neither for yourself nor for the people around you. What can you do then? Don’t worry! We are not asking you to quit smoking. In fact, we are asking you to smoke in a different way. Have you ever thought of trying electronic cigarettes? You may be surprised to know that e-cigarettes were introduced way back in the 1960s. The prototype was a tobacco-free cigarette that delivered heated moist air through the mouthpiece.

What are electronic cigarettes?
Let me give you some electronic cigarettes information. Commonly known as e-cigarettes, consist of a mouthpiece, a tank, a battery and a microprocessor. The tank holds a liquid that vaporizes when you press a button. This vapor is then inhaled by the smoker through the mouthpiece. To give a natural feeling of smoking a traditional cigarette, most of the e-cigs have an LED light fixed at its other tip. The liquid is vaporized at low temperatures making it less harmful for your body. The liquid filled in the tank contains glycol, glycerine, water, flavorings and other contents in different proportions. It also comes in different strengths right from strong to minimal strength.

Why should you use it?
First of all, they have a modern look and feel to them. They are not like the regular cigarettes you have used. These are quite portable, and a single e-cig with a refill may last you several days. It can easily be carried in your pocket without anybody noticing it.
Second, they don’t produce a bad odor. In the traditional cigarette, the odor of the smoke is repelling and nauseating for many. Non-smokers can easily notice your presence even if have smoked a few minutes back. E-cigs are not just odor-free. They also come in different flavors. Now that may sound surprising to many of you, but it is a fact that e-cigs come in a variety of flavors. Among many flavors, candy and coffee are very common. They don’t leave a bad taste in your mouth. Women generally don’t like the flavor of nicotine in its crude form.

Are they healthy?
In various researches and experiments, e-cigs were found lacking in immediate harmful effects on the subjects. However, their long-term effects are yet to be verified. A large percentage of smokers in the USA have tried e cigs as an alternate to traditional cigarettes. Some use them to reduce their desire to smoke. The immediate data on the outcome is not available, but some of the people have reported a reduction in their smoking habits.

Despite the difference of opinion regarding their effects on your health, most of the medical research organizations share a common ground that e-cigs transfer fewer intoxicants to the body. However, many e-cig smokers reported irritation and cough after their use. Nicotine content in e-cigarettes is nearly the same as that in traditional cigarettes.

Other reasons to use e-cigs!
Some use e-cigarettes because they feel that it is cost-effective. Many others use them because they are easy to smoke even in non-smoking zones, though it is not a good idea to do so. In traditional cigarettes, you are bound to smoke a complete cigarette if you light it. On the other hand, e-cigarettes can be used to take even a few puffs. There is no ash or stub to be disposed of. You smoke the e-cig and keep it back into your pocket.


There are a lot of people who wish to quit smoking but can’t because of a number of reasons. The habit can be so ingrained that changing things is anything but simple. The power of nicotine may still hold sway, making it difficult to go without for an extended period. Some have gotten used to the sensation or use the habit as a way of socializing. Whatever the case may be, the known detrimental health effects make it important to look for ways to break free. A number of solutions exist with varying levels of effectiveness. Many have turned to e-cigarettes for relief.

What They Are

Electronic cigarettes are small devices that turn liquids into vapors. These liquids contain flavorings, nicotine, and other substances. Batteries provide power to heat things up inside the tube. Instead of inhaling the smoke from a burning cigar, users inhale the flavored vapors with a more pleasant odor. These can resemble the smell of fruits, coffee, and so on. The presence of nicotine means those with a craving can have their fix without the detrimental effects of smoking tobacco. They are available in various forms, shapes, and lengths. Some look like traditional cigars while others are distinctively modern.

How They Came About 


While these devices have only recently penetrated mainstream consciousness, they have actually existed in one form or another for decades. The early 1960s saw a patent being filed in the US for a device that works much like current models. Alas, it was an idea that was ahead of its time and the prototypes never made it to mass market production. It was an era wherein smoking tobacco was still all the rage, unlike today when there is a bit of a social stigma and general knowledge about its ill effects. It wasn’t until the new millennium that a revival would be set in motion. The unlikely prime mover was a Chinese pharmacist who popularized vaping in China until it spread around the world.

Where to Find E-Cigarettes

In the past, these products all had to be imported from China through small firms. Anybody who was interested in them had to know some insider to get a hold of one. Things have changed drastically in the past few years thanks to their surging popularity. They are now a common sight in Europe, the US, and elsewhere in Asia. Lots of companies get the devices in bulk from the manufacturers with some local outfits dabbling in the creation of the liquids. Controversies have also hit the burgeoning industry regarding the safety and health effects of these devices. For those who would like to try them out, here are a few of the most common carriers:

1. Mall Kiosks

They are in virtually every mall in the country. Go to your local mall or downtown area and check the stores. There should be a number of kiosks dedicated to these products. You can compare different brands and test the e-cigarettes. If you are not familiar with them, the staff should be able to provide details about their operation, as well as their pros and cons.

2. Online Stores

Those who live far away from the cities or simply have no time to shop around for them can just go online and check out the merchandise. Lots of online stores offer countrywide and even international delivery. Read reviews of these stores and the brands they carry before taking the plunge to be sure that you are getting quality products and fast shipment. Among the advantages of online shopping are endless options, incredible convenience, and reasonable prices.

3. Pharmacies 

In some places such as England, some electronic cigarettes are considered as medicines and are regulated as such. People will only be able to get these in pharmacies and may require a prescription. These include e-cigs that are meant to help people quit smoking. Other brands that don’t claim to do so are not covered by the regulation.

4. Retail Stores

In the USA, vapor retail stores have sprung up like wildfire. There are e-cig stores on every corner in major cities, and at least one in every suburban area. These stores carry a wide variety of brands, types of e-cigs, flavors of e-juice, and some even offer custom e-juice blends. These stores can be particularly helpful because most staff members can explain how to use these devices, and even give you a quick class.


Are you struggling to find a gift for someone who has everything? Maybe this is the year to give him or her the joy of donating to a charity; maybe to an e cig or e liquid organization that contributes to research and vaping advocacy in government? Maybe there is nothing practical this friend does not have, so give the gift of fun this Christmas.

Fun Gifts for Vapers in 2016 

What level is your vaping friend at? Is this person an experienced vaper or a newbie? Tons of items have come out almost since ecigs first hit shelves, so you have lots of choices. Provide a stylish present or even something he or she might consider a bit of a joke.

Joke Accessories for Electronic Cigarettes

For instance, e cig wraps cover batteries in new colors and patterns. Since the typical battery gets boring, even though it’s blue or bright green, having a removable option adds some enjoyment to the daily vape. What if that battery wrap was ridiculously gaudy? There are equally gaudy charms and drip tips out there sold in assorted shades of green, pink, yellow, and purple. We aren’t talking about classy hues; anyone for neon?

Classic Shades and Shapes

The same gifts can also be thoughtful and classy when colors are right for the person and his or her personality. Numerous wraps boast attractive patterns representing flowers, leaves, stars, and vapor. Wraps go on and come off without adhesive, so they will not ruin a battery.

Choose drip tips made from blown glass or anodized aluminum. The glass tips and some acrylic drip tips could feature marble patterns. There are numerous shaped items such as animals and skeletons; vases and symmetrical metal tubes.

Give the Gift of a Starter Kit 

For new vapers who puff on regular cigarettes, offer a disposable e-cig or cigar, a mini cig or eGo starter set by V2, Vapor4Life, Vaporfi, or Halo, or even an e-Pipe by the likes of Smoktech. You could go for a Chinese eGo instead, like the Kanger EVOD or Joyetech eGo-T.

These systems are easy to use. Mini cigs can be operated with refilled cartomizers so there is no mess involved, or they can be accompanied by blank cartomizers and e juice. Check out best electronic cigarette brands for 2018 – expert reviews, for more on brands. When you wrap these gifts, keep them in a cool dry place. Offer a complete set with enough e juice or replacement cartomizers to last at least a few weeks if not a few months. Choose assorted flavors so your friend has some choice.

Thrill an Experienced Vaper

E-cigs make wonderful presents for smokers, but vapers with some experience could be waiting for their chance to try something bigger and better. Christmas is a great time to surprise them. Mods like the Rebel III by Vaporfi, the Tracer or Reactor by Halo, or a Volcano LavaTube supply more power, more vapor, and longer-lasting batteries. Clearomizers and tanks for these systems create cleaner flavor and provide lower-resistance options.

Box mods by Innokin, Joyetech, Kanger, and others supply styles and power levels of all kinds. Start with a 0W to 15W mod and move your way through the possibilities: up to 30W, 60W, 100W, 200W, and more. Their colors and designs demonstrate the confidence of manufacturers: safety and features have reached a high point and most of them are standard, like short-circuit and overheating protection. This enables R&D to focus a little more on ergonomic shapes, sporty colors, elegant brushed metal finishes, or whatever style elements they wish.

Consider the Atomizer

This is also a great opportunity to introduce vapers to better atomizer tanks if they have not already sampled the flavor and vapor production of a sub ohm system. If a vape mod is up to the task, these atomizer tanks can handle as little as 0.1 ohms at 600F or 200W as long as you are in the TC mode with a coil that is built for such things. While you are at it, buy some Nickel 200, Titanium, or stainless steel coils or possibly a rebuild set with wire and tools for the Uwell Crown or Taste Fury by SMOK. Maybe purchase a suitable mod too like the VOX TC by Vaporfi or a Kanger KBox 200W.

Choose Chargers

New vapers should already have a USB charger and probably an AC adapter to be safe since they often get stuck without USB power on the go. Add more options like a portable charging case. This enables the vaper of mini cigs like the V2 Classic and Halo G6 to charge batteries wirelessly while they travel. At least one battery fits inside and there is typically space for cartomizers too. If this person uses blanks, he or she can pre-fill them before leaving the house, but pre-filled, sealed ones are less likely to leak.

A car charging adapter allows one to use power from the battery while driving. Most starter packs don’t come with one of these regardless of the make or model. Make sure all chargers are compatible with e cig threading on the set a person is already using. They are not universal. USB e cigs come with a cable permanently attached. They plug into a computer so the vaper can puff while drawing power directly from this source. A number of e-cigs, especially eGos, are built to do this when a special cable is connected but can also be charged the usual way.

Assorted Extras

Stocking stuffers include cases, syringes for filling tanks with e juice, and spare parts for tanks. Get creative and show you care this Christmas.

Buy Now to Save Disappointment

Today is a good time to shop. Any very new items will be available for pre-order after January 1st, so there is little or no danger of doubling up on what a friend would have bought for his or herself. Maybe just drop the idea around: don’t search for or purchase anything vaping-related except necessities; not until after Christmas. At least no one will know exactly what you bought; not with all of the choices out there.

The only thing that might give you trouble is vendors’ 30-day money-back guarantees. These might expire before Christmas. Find out if longer-lasting gift receipts are available. Also, when you shop for vape equipment for friends, take advantage of these opportunities to earn loyalty points. In 2017, you can use these to give yourself a post-Christmas gift of more e juice or a new tank for your sub ohm vape system.

A Social Media Tip from

There is pretty much only 1 primary reason I’m at all on social media here at – and that is to look at all the mistakes many people (and even businesses) make when they are immersed in their tweeting and posting.

Have you ever cringed or silently whispered “OMG…TMI” when reading a post from someone you know? I have. But, that’s part of my business. Once, when I was coaching a client who wanted to find a different position, she “friended” me on Facebook. No problem there, but when I began scrolling through her feed, I could barely lift my jaw off the floor.

I am not joking. One of her posts talked about all the things she hates about herself. I’ll just paraphrase it here, but imagine if you were a hiring manager, and you decided to check the Facebook profile of your job candidate and read this: Four Things I hate about myself: 1 is that I can never make up my mind, 2 is that I’m socially awkward, 3 is that I’m not confident about myself, and 4 is that I agree with people verbally even if I don’t agree with them in my heart.

Well, that’s sure a great way to “sell” yourself to a potential employer now, isn’t it? And, let’s say for giggles that you’re already employed, and you and your employers are “friends” on Facebook and they see that? What do you suppose they are going to be thinking about your competence?

I suppose that by now you know where I am going with this, so I won’t speak much more on the topic. But, please take a hint and leave negative, personal stuff off your profile. If you need to vent about something personal, do it personally with a trusted friend or professional. Leave Facebook for commenting on fun or interesting things, for sure, but leave the negative stuff off.

Now, if you have a great recipe for something yummy, that’s another story. Share it and be sure to tag me!