A Social Media Tip from SocioClean.com

There is pretty much only 1 primary reason I’m at all on social media here at SocioClean.com – and that is to look at all the mistakes many people (and even businesses) make when they are immersed in their tweeting and posting.

Have you ever cringed or silently whispered “OMG…TMI” when reading a post from someone you know? I have. But, that’s part of my business. Once, when I was coaching a client who wanted to find a different position, she “friended” me on Facebook. No problem there, but when I began scrolling through her feed, I could barely lift my jaw off the floor.

I am not joking. One of her posts talked about all the things she hates about herself. I’ll just paraphrase it here, but imagine if you were a hiring manager, and you decided to check the Facebook profile of your job candidate and read this: Four Things I hate about myself: 1 is that I can never make up my mind, 2 is that I’m socially awkward, 3 is that I’m not confident about myself, and 4 is that I agree with people verbally even if I don’t agree with them in my heart.

Well, that’s sure a great way to “sell” yourself to a potential employer now, isn’t it? And, let’s say for giggles that you’re already employed, and you and your employers are “friends” on Facebook and they see that? What do you suppose they are going to be thinking about your competence?

I suppose that by now you know where I am going with this, so I won’t speak much more on the topic. But, please take a hint and leave negative, personal stuff off your profile. If you need to vent about something personal, do it personally with a trusted friend or professional. Leave Facebook for commenting on fun or interesting things, for sure, but leave the negative stuff off.

Now, if you have a great recipe for something yummy, that’s another story. Share it and be sure to tag me!